Since 1996 flutist Romana Goumare and harpist Sabine Meijers make up the duo "Midas Duo", which they formed while studying at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

The Midas Duo is named after the mythological figure Midas. Once Midas, the king of Phrygia, announced that he preferred Pan’s flute playing to the lute playing of Apollo, the god of music. Apollo was so angry that he inflicted Midas with a pair of donkey’s ears.

The flute-harp duo performs recitals and concerts on the Dutch concert circuit, as well as musical accompaniments to stylish parties, dinners, congresses, weddings and other special occasions. In their programmes they play compositions from other duo repertoires, as well as works that have been specifically written for this combination, so that they can offer an exciting and versatile repertoire. It goes without saying that a special programme can be compiled for you if you so wish.